Generative AI with Large Language Models
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First ever hole-in-one. 123yd Par 3
Ph.D. Commencement
Graduated with a Ph.D. In Sociology
PAA 2021
The Carpentries Instructor Training Workshop
Revision of the 2016 WHO Verbal Autopsy Instrument - Final Phase
14th Annual OSU/BGSU Graduate Student Conference
WHO 2016 Verbal Autopsy Instrument Item Reduction Training Workshop
ALAPP 2020
Translation Strategies in Verbal Autopsy Research
Response pattern analysis for the revision of the 2016 WHO Verbal Autopsy instrument
South Africa openVA Training workshop
Behind the Cyber Curtain: Discrimination Within Airbnb`s Open-Rating System
Universidade de São Paulo - Medicina
Verbal Autopsy Workshop
Africa Health Research Institute
SICSS 2019
PAA 2019
openVA Pipeline Development and Implementation
VA Algorithms and CoD Assignments Country Support
OpenVA Pipeline & DHIS2 Setup Country Support
Annual Workshop on Formal Demography
OpenVA Pipeline Implementers’ and Developers’ Meeting
PAA 2018/Workshop on Demographic Research in the Digital Age